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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Touches of Teal Fall Tablescape

Hey everyone!

As I write this, I have a million things to do to get ready to leave to Alaska tomorrow! I need to finish the kids laundry and get them (and myself) packed, my house needs cleaned, and of course I can't forget all the important plane entertainment "stuff." In addition, tomorrow is the last day of school for Thanksgiving break and I volunteered for Trinity's classroom Thanksgiving festivities.

But, I really wanted to share a fun little tablescape I put together for fall/Thanksgiving. I know, I know... I'm not even going to be home for Thanksgiving so what's the point right? Well, it's fun, it's festive, it's fancy- which always makes my little girl smile. And, we did use the table all gussied up for Charlie's birthday a couple weeks ago, so it was worth it.

(Right here, in writing this post, is where the school called me because I had forgotten to pick up my child! Ooops!!!)

Raise your hand if you played house when you were little. Me! I did! Well, putting this table together felt just like that. It was fun to fancy up the table for really no reason at all. :)

My original plans for the centerpiece didn't come together like I hoped, but I'm still thrilled with the result. I had planned to make a deep teal houndstooth runner from fabric I picked up at Joann's but I just never did get to it. I also planned to build a long narrow trough to run down the middle, but again, even though I bought the materials, I never got around to building it.

Instead, I put down a burlap and linen table runner that I already had and in place of a wooden trough, I copied entirely took a cue from Tonya at Love of Family and Home and painted a long narrow cardboard box that I already had with folkArt acrylic craft paint in Midnight Garden.

I placed my yellow mums into the box first and them filled in between them with floral foam. I put both the taper candles and pillars in jars down into the foam for stability.

Then I went to town tucking berries, feathers, glittered pears, pumpkins, pine cones, acorns and leaves anywhere that they would fit, being sure to cover the floral foam. There are a few places, especially around the clear glass pillar holders, where the foam is peaking through a bit, but in person it's really hardly noticable.
I am THRILLED with the way this little box of fall goodies came together! I also love that it can be totally customized to the season or holiday! Versatile, multi-purpose decor is totally up my alley. :)
The next piece of my tablescape came about during a trip to Joann's when I found these AMAZING, super cute fall kitchen towels. They had the aqua/teal color that makes my heart go pitter patter AND they had owls!!  The only drawback was that they were towels. I snapped up three of them, took them home and cut them in half and sewed the hem. Perfect napkin size!!
I made the napkin rings by slicing up a paper towel holder, painting the rings with the same acrylic craft paint as my centerpiece box and hot gluing on mini pine cones and acorn.
The rest of the table was a cinch to put together. I simply layered my amber colored Pottery Barn salad plate on top of a large PB buttercream dinner plate. I placed my napkin with rings on top of the plate to help them pop a bit.
Each place setting was completed with silverware and an amber-colored goblet. I purchased these at Pier One about 6 years ago and I still absolutely love them!
And because I love this tablescape so much, I'm going to share a few more photos. Hope that's ok. :)

I really wanted to show you how it all looked with the candles lit...

...but someone thought they were just lit for him. He's totally ready for his 2nd birthday next month!:)

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty! I was all proud of myself for putting some flowers on my table, but you have put me to shame, girl! :-) Hope you guys had fun in Alaska!