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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teal and Orange Fall Mantel

Hello Friends!

How many of you had a three day weekend for Veteran's Day? We did! Hubs was off work and Trinity was off school. We spent our extra day as a family. We played at the park, hubs gave Trin a long, frustrating lesson on riding her "big" bike that I'm sure neither of them liked. Lol! But, it was a great day.

Now, we're gearing up  to fly home to Alaska on Friday for Thanksgiving next week. Yes, I just said Thanksgiving is next. week. How did this happen?! 

Well, just in time, I have my Fall Mantel to share with you today. I've actually had this mantel up since the middle of September. To the chagrin of my (almost) 6 year old, who desperately wanted Halloween decor this year. She's never cared before, but since she's made it clear that now she does, I'll have to change it up next year.

But without further ado, here's our fall mantel.

In keeping with my teal theme in my fall wreath and entry table I carried the sublte hints of teal to the mantel as well. 
I began with the hearth by changing out my summer candles for a couple of fall colored candles tied with teal raffia and I added a bit more interest by topping the tallest candlestick with a grapevine pumpkin. I wrapped the same teal raffia to the stem and pushed a few richly-hued leaves down into the grapevine.
Ironically, my September issue of Real Simple matched my decor perfectly (thanks Real Simple!) , so when I received it in the mail, I grabbed my magazine holder and plopped it down on the other side of the hearth. Cheap decor- I love it!

Moving up to the mantel, I layed the foundation by keeping most of my standard mantel decor pieces and just changing them up a bit and/or layering in the fall themed items. I like to decorate this way in general. I think it keeps costs down and storage space in check and it's just plain simpler. I love a beautiful home, but I really don't want to spend the time or money to re-invent the wheel with each new holiday or season.

I began on the left by keeping my antique iron right where it was. In and of itself an iron isn't exactly fall-ish, but it's beautiful aged petina definitely lends itself well to the season. I placed a cute little pumpkin beside it and moved right along.

Not pictured well in this photo or the one above, is my large apothecary jar. Again, this is a piece that typically resides on the mantel. For the summer it held sand and sea shells, but it is now filled with a burnt orange candle surrounded by mini pine cones and pumpkins.
Beside the apothecary jar, I line up a few books who's covers had the gorgeous teal I was after. My husband bought these books for me in a thrift store in Ohio when he was at school there this past summer. Gotta love a hubby who will go thrifting for you! Without even being asked!!
Beside that I put a decorative ball on top of a gold pillar holder I already had and threw a funky pine cone I found on a walk, up there for good measure.

Moving to the right side of the mantel, I balanced the teal books from the left side, with these beautiful teal insulators I already had. And here I scattered a few more pinecones.

Capping off the right side of the mantel, I kept the ginger jar that was already there and the ornate aqua candle lantern. I simple stacked the lantern on top of a couple more books for added height and filled it with faux leaves. To complete the look, I added one more small pumpkin just like the one on the other end next to the iron. This one is orange though.

These are also books that Hubs picked up for me in Ohio. I LOVE that the top book is titled Early Autumn. Serendipity? :)

And finally, I took the wreath that has adorned my front door for the past few years and doctored it up a little. I added the felt flowers at the bottom and filled it in overall with more picks. Then I took a basic wreath hanger and wrapped it in teal ribbon and hung it from my mirror. Because of the frame on the mirror it prevents the wreath hanger from scratching the mirror.

And that's pretty much it! With the exception of the grapevine pumpkin on the hearth and the fall decorative ball on top of the gold candle holder, everything for this mantel is stuff I already had. Like, I said, I kept the basics in place and just filled in with fall items or by shopping my house.

Here are a couple more "beauty" shots for you.

(That pumpkin doily hanging in the middle is slightly "old fashioned" but really reminded me of my mom.)

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed my fall mantel. This is probably by far my favorite mantel I've put ever put together.

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