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Friday, November 9, 2012

Owls and Mercury Glass Fall Table Vignette

Hello Lovlies!

Is anyone else as happy as I am that it's Friday?!

I am stoked! My husband comes home this afternoon, I have a date with my favorite 5 year old girl tomorrow and it's a 3 day weekend!!

I hinted on Facebook yesterday (do you follow me?) that I would be sharing something teal and fallish today and here it is!
Ok, so yes, the teal is very subtle, but I LOVE it!! I have quite a bit of blue/aqua in my home decor. I purchased the teal pumpkin at Kirland's a couple of years ago and this year I knew it was going to be my jumping off point.

This vignette is a great mix of new and old. I knew I couldn't completely throw out all my old fall decor, but I could add a few new pieces to the mix and totally freshen it up. And what better way to do that than with a beautiful, non-tradtional jewel tone like teal? And since metallics almost always play a role in holiday decor, I decided to liven it up with the ever popular, and one of my new obsessions, mercury glass.

I started with an old pumpkin embroidered place mat that I've had for several years. I think I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I knew I wanted a messy/scattered look. I was inspired by an image from the Pottery Barn catalogue where they were featuring none other than their mercury glass pumpkins. But I really didn't know how to pull it off. It kept coming out looking too symetrical and not as organic, flowy and "collected" as I was envisioning.

So I called in the Big Guns.

 My husband. :)

He's pretty amazing y'all. He cooks, he cleans, he can build or fix anything, he is the most intelligent person I know, he darn easy on the eyes, he hunts and write's love notes and yes, he even decorates (Pretty much he's waaay out of my league, but somehow I am SO blessed!!)  And he's great at it too! He has amazing taste and an even better design eye.

So in he swooped and saved the day! (and my fall entry table vignette- it'd seriously still just have a placemat without him!)

I LOVE how he nested the green owl in a pumpkin basket and added some sticks from the yard. She seems more at home. No?

 And this little mercury glass guy was definitely coming home with me the second I saw him at TJ Maxx. I love how he's perched on top of  my thrift store Pottery Barn pillar holder (only $4 at Goodwill! There were three- I snatched them all! The PB stickers were still on the bottom- regular price- $30!)   He's keeping watch over the whole "pumpkin patch."

 Here's another PB pillar holder topped with a thrift store glass jar. I put a candle inside and threw in some tiny acorns and pinecones. I bought an unopened package of acorns, pinecones and leaves for only a $1 at an estate sale just the day before. Perfect timing! :)

Charlie added another jar filled with a burnt pillar and some wierd "thingy's" we found outside and we have another little teal owl tea light holder rounding things out down below "in the patch." :)

We flanked the whole "pumpkin patch" and watch-owls with a lamp on one end. I simply tied some raffia around the shade and tucked a leaf/berries/acorn pick behind the raffia.

And on the other side, we balaced it out with our large PB (we may or may not need PB rehab...) jar brimming with fall vase filler and topped with a gorgeous display of sticks and dried flowers. I tied teal raffia around this jar and I just love the way it pops against the burnt orange!

This basket always resides on the lower shelf of this table. Unless my (almost) 2 year old is sitting in it or trying to take it trick-or-treating. Seriously. That happened.

Anyway, I tucked a comfy houndstooth throw inside and plopped a large faux white pumpkin beside it.
And finally, (because I don't know if this post could get any longer! ) we set the whole scene with a backdrop of a Thomas Kincade print that I've had for years. It's title Autumn's Gate and it is stunning! I apologize for the poor picture quality. It was so difficult to photograph because of the glare from the front windows and my front door.

So there you have it. Our 2012 Fall entryway table Owls and Mercury Glass teal vignette.

(whew...say that 3 tims fast...)

PS- I just noticed that the Thomas Kincade totally looks crooked... keepin it real folks. :)

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