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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A blessing through Craigslist

I can't even begin to explain how much I love a great deal! I really hope that y'all scour thift stores, garage sales and craigslist when you're looking for something. Truly amazing deals are out there! I shared last month about my fabulous Pottery Barn lamps Goodwill Score and today I have another fantastic find to share with you.

I found this deal on craigslist last week. It all started with a list and a birthday gift. First, the list. I have a running wishlist of things that I want. I think I've mentioned it before? It gives Hubs a good jumping off point for gift-giving holidays. On my wishlist, I had listed an additional set of both my silverware and my dishes. I had only a 4 place setting of each which has worked out fine for our small family since the kids still eat from children's melamine dishes and use baby/child utensils. However, our flatware/dinnerware situation had recently started to become problematic as we've had a lot more guests at our house than previously. (I'm sure Disneyland practically in our backyard and the beach only a mile from our front door has nothing to do with it!) Enter, the birthday gift. Hubs took a few items from my list and gave them to his mom when she asked for gift ideas for my birthday last week. My wonderful in-laws gave me not one, but two additional sets of silverware and now I have a gorgeous silverware drawer brimming with 12 place settings! I love it!
Well naturally, my newly stocked silverware drawer juxtaposed against my seemingly bare in comparsion cabinets put me on the hunt for my dinnerware at a good price. With a fresh eBay gift card in hand (another b-day gift- thanks Mom and Steve!) I began my hunt there and alllllmost purchased just 4 dinner plates- taking an a-little-at-a-time approach. My mind was quickly changed however, when I saw the shipping quote. Grrr. Next, I decided to give craigslist a whirl. What were the odds of finding a very specific dinnerware- Pottery Barn Sausalito, and in the right color- buttercream? Probably not good, but I do live in LA where the population alone makes craigslist odds a little better than most places so I thought why not. I was actually surprises to find about 7-8 Pottery Barn Sausalito listing. None of them, however, showed a buttercream picture. One listing did catch my eye though because it showed a red place setting with a price tag of $2. I clicked on it and practically fainted! This fantastic God-sent woman had a TON of Sausalito! She had huge lots of Sausalito in merlot red, chocolate brown, turquoise and BUTTERCREAM!!  She had everything priced per piece, the lowest being only $2 or she would sell the sets for a specified amount. I immediately called her up and expressed my interest in the buttercream and nearly had my heart broken when she told me that another woman was coming that very evening to look at everything and was possibly interested in purchasing pieces from each set, breaking them up. She graciously offered to email me after the other woman left and let me know what remained of the buttercream. I would have gone over that evening myself, but she lives 53 miles and over an hour drive from me. She kept her promise, however and emailed me about an hour later with the fantastic news that the other woman only purchased the turquiose set! Woo!! I immedately made plans to be at her house the next morning at 9:30.
At 8 AM the following morning, I loaded up the kiddos, Tristan still in his pj's, swung through the McD's drive-thru and began the drive to San Juan Capistrano. It took me a bit longer than I thought to get to her house, but trust me the drive was sooo worth it!
I first met her husband, who greeted us with a warm smile and a handshake. Then introducing the kids to his own 2.5 year old daughter, pointed all of them in the direction of the sidewalk chalk. His wife was just as friendly, Tristan had an apple juice box explosion on our drive down and she brought me paper towels and even helped clean it up!
Ok, back to the dishes. Here is what I scored:

8 dinner plates
8 salad plates
8 cereal bowls
8 coffee mugs
2 fish platters
1 large oval platter
1 large serving bowl
1 gravy boat

All of this is still available at Pottery Barn, so I took a little trip to and priced it all out. Several of the pieces are on sale right now and if I had gone to the store and purchased everything it would have cost $436 plus tax. Regular price would have been $475 plus tax. Wanna know how much I paid??

 $60 BUCKS!!!!

Can you believe it?! See why I called her a God-send?! Seriously, y'all I can't tell you how blessed we feel! I pray that God would bless her and her sweet family for their generosity. She could have very easily asked (and gotten) a LOT more for her dishes. And not one single dish has a chip, crack or even a utensil mark on it. She had them stored so nicely in a cabinet in her garage with foam dish pack material between each piece. My family has been incredibly blessed by hers. I truly wish we lived closer because I think our families and certainly our children would be great friends.

Have you found any great deals lately? Been incredibly blessed in an unexpected way?



  1. That is so awesome! I'm inspired to look for my silverware now. :) I just lost another spoon to the garbage disposal. It really cuts up the edges of the spoon so you can't use it anymore. :(