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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our "other" neighbors

Good Morning and happy saturday!

Do y'all have anything special planned for the Mother's Day weekend? The kids and I are excitedly anticipating picking up Daddy from the airport this afternoon. He's been gone most of the week for work and we can't wait to have him home!
 The weather is supposed to be beautiful in Southern CA this weekend and we plan to spend as much time outside as possible! Which means we'll get plenty of time with our "neighbors."

Yes, that's a parrot! Our street is lines with palm trees and there is a large flock (probably 40-60) of wild parrots that take residence in them. How cool is that?!

What's interesting about these guys is their predictability. Every morning at 6:30 they start their day (and often ours) squawking and talking like crazy. And let me tell you they are loud! And then at 6pm they're back at it again. You can almost imagine them all telling each other about their day or something. :)

So what do you think of our neighbors? I hope y'all have an amazing weekend!


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