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Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodwill SCORE!

Hey Guys!
I hope your week is getting off to a good start. With such a busy, but fun weekend behind me, my Monday is shaping up to be a relaxing day. As relaxing as a Monday can be anyway. I wanted to share today a recent thrift store score with you. Let me tell you I am SO excited about this!
I recently went thrifting with a group of girlfriends. I wasn't looking for anything in particular (always dangerous for me when thrifing!) and when we walked into Goodwill we all meandered over to the clothing. And then it happened. While waiting for two of my friends to try on their selections, I spotted them. I knew immediately that I had to have them. I practically ran made my way over to the home section and grabbed them off the shelf as fast as I could! This my friends, is what made my heart beat a little faster that day.

Aren't they fabulous?! And that color? I die! And they were brand new! They still had their tags hanging from them and their cords were perfectly wrapped up in their twist ties. And at only $15 a piece- pure awesomeness! I was too excited to check if they worked- thankfully they did! As a side tip- always remember to test a lamp before buying at a thrift store because often there is a no-return policy on electrical items.
After bringing my lamps home, I sat down and began to peruse Pinterest for the perfect lampshade inspiration. You will not believe what I found! Are you ready for this??

THE EXACT SAME LAMPS! Of course I clicked over to to check them out. Since mine don't have any stickers, stamps or any other indicators as to what brand they are, I can't say for certain that they are PB, but boy they pretty much are exactly the same. Both are milk glass, both are the exact same shape. They only difference I can find is the color of mine is darker blue than theirs and where mine has a chrome-colored riser, their's looks like antique bronze. Oh, and one other teeny difference....their's are $130 EACH! If you remember, I paid only $30 for BOTH! With that kind of savings, I can afford to buy PB lampshades! But, who am I kidding, I'll probably thrift those too! 

What have you found thrifting lately? Any incredible finds?


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