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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A painted mean back door

It has been a rainy day in southern California today! I'm pretty sure we might float away if it doesn't stop soon! Well, since the weather has made any gardening or outdoor projects off limits we have hunkered down inside. I'm pretty sure I saw a paint brush in Charlie's hand earlier putting touch-ups on our back door re-do that we did two weeks ago when the weather was gorgeous. I think I'll share that with you today.
First of all, here is a before pic. (Again, I forgot to take a good one and this was the best I could find!) The doors look ok in the pic, but trust me, up close they weren't that pretty to look at. See that white "line" between the two doors? That is paint. When we moved into this house last July it had a TON of terrible paint issues and this was one of them. The exterior of the doors are painted white to match the outside of the house and whoever painted also painted the insides of those door getting paint on the interior side also.

Here is a pic of the room. Please ignore the mess! (no judging!) We originally painted this room blue, but it wasn't quite what we were going for, so after a few weeks we quickly re-painted it the color you see now. If you ask me, the jury is still out on this. While I like the color, I find that it combined with our dark sofas, end tables, tv console, ottomon (not pictured) etc make the room feel very cavernous. This should be the part where I tell you, that my husband absolutely hates to paint. So when I mentioned that I wasn't too thrilled with the color...lets just say he wasn't too thrilled with me. Ha! So, in order to save my marriage (entirely kidding!) and because all of the trim and crown moulding are painted a beautiful creamy white, I decided that the doors needed to fit in too. Maybe this (and changing out some accessories) will help "lighten" the look of the room??

I began this project by quickly taping off around the door trim and I started to tape off each window panel before I realized that was way too much work. I'd rather paint over it and scrape it off later. I'm impatient like that. Oh, and by "I'd rather...scrape it off later"  I mean Charlie. He's a great hubs and although I was totally on my own where painting was concerned, he took the doors off  to make it easier for me to do my thing. It was a gorgeous 80* Saturday and I cracked my paint can, poured some into a paint pan and set to work.

Life was good. I was outside soaking up some sun, I had a big glass of sweet tea and I was making something ugly beautiful. I laid on my first coat, sat back and smiled with pride, then headed inside for some lunch. What a perfect day for such a perfect project. What could possibly go wrong?

This, my friends, is what happened next! Someone, who shall forever remain nameless (ahem) set her GALLON of paint on the ground after pouring just a tad of it into her paint pan. You see the ripples in the paint? Almost wave-like! We had a small lake of paint in our back yard. And a son who apparantly thought it tasted pretty good. He definitely loooooved splashing in it! (Those were brand new summer clothes too!)

So after this, um, hiccup. You can now see (and empathize) why it has taken us until now to do the touch ups! In case, you were wondering...Litte Man was napping. DIY has taught me a few things at least!

PS- I'll post an after pic later this week. While the door were off, I also took the opportunity to hang the curtains higher which meant I had to patch and re-paint over the previous curtain rod holes.

PSS- Anywhere in the PS section that I said, "I" I mean Charlie. Except the posting the picture part. I'll do that. Maybe.

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